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Security for your storage
Illiana Storage understands that itís important in a rented facility to make sure that your belongings will not just be easily accessible, but secure. Security measures are in place to bring you the best state-of-the-art security available for your peace of mind.

Facility Hours

For security purposes, Illiana Storage has set hours during which renters can enter the property and access their storage unit. The propertyís security system will prevent you from entering the property other than during these hours. Be sure to know up front what times and days you will be allowed to access your belongings. If you require access outside of our standard gate hours you'll need to make arrangements with the store representative ahead of time. Depending on your request this may or may not be an option.

Locks & Security Systems

Although no security system is totally foolproof, there are security features we have invested in to make sure both you and your stored items are as safe as possible:

  • Property is completely fenced in, with only one entrance/exit access point.
  • Property is well lit. This is especially important if you may be accessing your storage unit when itís dark, or at times outside of office hours
  • Keypad entry system guards the main gate. You will be given a unique access code when you rent a storage unit which will be required to enter the facility by way of the main gateís keypad system. While the main gate entry is a strong security measure, you are responsible for supplying a lock for your individual storage unit. 
  • Video surveillance cameras monitor the main gate as well as other locations. In combination with the keypad entry system this provides a visual record of all individuals who have entered and exited the facility. 


If youíre a business owner, and need to have deliveries accepted at the self-storage unit, please keep in mind that there are several questions you should ask the sales representative before renting:

  • Will Illiana Storage accept deliveries on your behalf?
  • Must deliveries be limited to specific times and days?
  • If you want the deliveries go right to your storage unit, what is the maximum size of the delivery trucks that Illiana Storage will allow to enter the property and drive up to your unit?
  • Will you personally be there on the property to accept the delivery?

Security policies can certainly be a aggravation if you donít know about their restrictions in advance. Illiana Storage strongly urges you to ask questions, and investigate available security options and restrictions, in order to have the benefit of peace of mind that comes from secured storage.